Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for AppInvest?

To sign up and create an account with AppInvest kindly visit the signup page and fill out your personal details and set your password. Click on the ‘NEXT STEP’ button to proceed to the next page.

A confirmation email link will be sent to your email. Go ahead and click on it to activate your account. This takes you to the home page of your profile.

What happens when you forget your password?

Cannot remember your password? Don’t stress yourself out. Click on the ‘Forgot password’ link below the ‘login’ button. You will be prompted to enter your email address and thereafter, you’ll receive a link to reset your password.

How Can I edit my profile?

If you wish to update your profile, click on ‘My Profile’ tab in the header section and select the ‘EDIT PROFILE’ tab. Make any adjustments to your details and hit the ‘SAVE CHANGES’ button.

How do I withdraw my funds?

To access your funds, head out to ‘My profile’ in the header section. You’ll be presented with the account balance details. Hit the ‘Withdraw’ button to withdraw your funds. In the ‘Currency’ field choose your preferred currency, enter the amount you wish to withdraw and select the mode of payment (AppInvest Mastercard or Bank Transfer). Note that the bank transfer method attracts a $15 fee per transfer, while the Card method incurs only one off charge of $15 for courier costs.

Finally, click on ‘Withdraw’. Also, note that the minimum one can withdraw is $100.

Transactions and trading limits

Firstly, you’ll have to create an account by clicking on the sign-up button. Under ‘Invested sum’ input your preferred principal investment and choose the duration of investment and interest earned in the adjacent drop-down menu selection. Hit ‘Calculate’ to show you how much dividends you’ll earn per your investment.

Proceed to make your payment via bank transfer or credit card.

After that, choose the method of receiving your interest either by a debit card that we’ll send to you or by direct bank transfer to the account that you’ve paid from. Note that interest paid will be in the same currency as the deposit received.

How do I contact Support Team?

If you still have unanswered questions or you need further clarification, the support team is on standby and always ready to assist you. Simply click on ‘Support’ in the menu bar. On the next page, select ‘New Ticket’ in the header section and fill out the form with the title or nature of your problem, followed by category, priority and finally your complaints in the message section.

Hit the ‘Open Ticket’ button and wait for a response from our dedicated team of customer support who’ll get you sorted in no time.

Details of your ticket details will be captured and displayed under ‘My tickets’

You’ll shortly receive an email confirming your open ticket.

Why are you registered in Delaware?

Like other over a million different corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships and other entities, we decided to register our company in Delaware because of the tax advantages that come with companies (and especially start-ups) incorporated here. Most importantly, corporations formed in Delaware but whose operations are out of Delaware don’t pay state corporate income tax. Besides, shares owned by individuals outside Delaware can’t be subject to Delaware taxes. We also realised that non-residents aren’t subject to personal income tax.

Where are you based?

We are situated in Shoreditch, London, putting us at the heart of The Silicone Roundabout – one of the top technology centres in Europe. You’ll find some of the best tech companies in this area, making it Europe’s Silicon Valley. Such a strategic location makes us be part of all the best tech things in the area, and we’re also surrounded by talented persons and like-minded organisations. AppInvest thrives on this sense of excitement, community and entrepreneurship.

What is a bond?

A bond refers to a debt investment whereby an investor loans funds to a corporate, which borrows these funds for a certain period at a fixed or variable interest rate. At AppInvest, we issue bonds to our investors and use them to raise funds for financing our new projects or maintain ongoing operations. We issue a bond that states the rate of interest to be paid and the time when the loaned funds (aka loan principal) has to be returned (the maturity date).

What assets do you have?

Our assets encompass the apps portfolio estimated at the value of over $8m. We completely understand the importance of investing in a company with enough assets. Therefore, as you invest with us, be sure our company's assets secure your bonds. You’ll, thus, be able to receive your loan principal and interest.

How do I get my interest?

You can get your interest by bank transfer, or a MasterCard delivered to your door. You will choose the method that suits you best. You can also discuss your decision with one of our friendly members of staff.

Do I have to pay income tax?

The fact that we are incorporated in Delaware means we do not pay state corporate income tax. Also, shares held by investors who are outside Delaware may not be subjected to income tax. However, you need to inquire with your tax adviser as laws vary from country to country.

Do you sell shares of AppInvest?

Not yet, but if we consider this in future, we will notify you with priority. So, you may want to keep checking our website for similar updates. At the moment, we only offer bonds to our esteemed investors, and you can always contact us if you would like to invest with us.

Do you have any other question that we haven’t answered on this page? Contact us today, our support team will respond comprehensively and satisfactorily. You can also call us directly on 020 7873 2399