We make whatever investments are necessary to turn the raw potential of the app into a real money-maker.




What we do

Our team of App and IT experts scour the globe (from the comfort of our offices) for those apps which have the best potential to be this years' biggest surprise performers, but are in our opinion under-priced. We have quite a few bespoke analytical tools to help us, but the process relies more on the experience and instincts of our analysts. We've collected some of the sharpest analyst working today, people who make investment into a proven science.

Last, we duplicate the property in many different languages, and specialize it for use in as many different niche markets as will be profitable. This costs practically nothing, and can multiply the number of units eventually downloaded several times, increasing profits just as dramatically. Why let someone in CHina market a clone of your app in Mandarin when you can release it officially?

If they are up to our standards, we acquire not just the app, but its developer(s) as well. We make whatever investments are necessary to turn the raw potential of the app into a real money-maker. We embrace all money-making methodologies - some have a profitable download cost, others rely in in-app purchases, and still others rely on internal advertising revenue. The best use all three while still giving an amazing user experience.

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Investment Today VS Investment In The Past

The digital revolution

We understand the changes that are rocking the world's technology markets today, and are ready to make investments to turn the raw potential of new apps into a reliable money-makers

The mobile revolution

The Digital Revolution is already here. There has been a fundamental change in how people use communication networks all over the planet.

Look at the statistics:

In 2007 there were only 122 million smartphones (all makes and operating systems) sold worldwide.

By 2010 that had more tha doubled, at just under 270 million units worldwide.

While the uptake did not continue exponentially (if it had, we'd all be knee-deep in discarded phones), it continues to accelerate by an extra 200-300 million units every year

2015 saw 1.4 billion smartphones sold all over the world. More than ten times the volume of 2007 and all experts expect that trend to continue indefinitely.

According to TechCrunch, by 2020 there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users globally. Click here for full article

Tablets and larger-scale mobile devices came later to the field than smartphones, despite having been invented first. They show the same scale of growth as smartphones, even if they still lag behind a bit:

  • 2010 saw just 19.4 million tablets (all makes and operating systems) sold worldwide.

  • More than 200 million tablets were sold in 2013, and by 2015 it was more than 350 million units.

Both trends look to be quite sustainable, as markets in China, the Middle East and Africa are nowhere near saturated. In fact, the lack of a traditional communications infrastructure in many parts of the developing world, and highly fractured infrastructure throught Asia (due as much to economic and political boundaries as actual lack of communications structures) means that many consumers in those areas rely on mobile networks and mobile devices as their primary or even only communications links.

Why Apps

Imagine if you have picked up Apple or Google stock back when it was cheap. It's too late for that, but not to get on board with the next Technological Revolution or market disrupting app - and that is exactly what we seek out and aggressively develop.

The ever-growing mobile device market is the ideal field for this kind of investment right now. Mobile users download apps like never before. Users of Apple's App Store alone downloaded 100 billion apps last June alone. Most of the companies supplying these apps are start-ups, and desperate for investment capital.

But of course, picking start-ups at random is like buying lottery tickets. You might win huge, but you will probably lose. That is where AppInvest comes in. We have the skills, training and innate talent that it takes to spot a potentially winning app - the proverbial diamond in the rough - and polish it until it truly shines!


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