about us

At AppInvest, we are doing something that no other company is doing. Rather than building and designing apps from scratch, we spend our time researching, marketing and optimizing existing apps with potential. By doing this we’re able to put our heart and soul into applications that have longevity and offer success, instead of putting time and money into ideas that may not lead to anything. Operating our business in this way means that AppInvest is always at the forefront of the latest technological, digital and app developments. As well as helping apps to hit the big time, we help investors put their funds in the right places.

Who Are We?

The team at AppInvest is varied which gives us the ability to take on new projects, expand existing projects and try new things; nothing is out of reach. So, if we find an app that we think we can turn into something great; we have the skills and experience to do it.

Where Are We?

Based in Shoreditch, London puts us at the heart of one of Europe’s top technology centers – The Silicone Roundabout. This is Europe’s answer to Silicon Valley and is where a number of the best tech companies are situated. Not only does this mean we’re part of a central tech hub, but we’re surrounded by like-minded companies and talented individuals. This sense of community, entrepreneurship and excitement is what the AppInvest team thrive on.

How Does It Work?

AppInvest offers individuals the opportunity to invest in some of the web’s best up and coming apps. Our team of app and IT experts search the web looking for applications that show real potential. Then we take them, improve them and make them accessible in a variety of languages. If everything meets our high standards and our talented team see a future, we acquire the app and its developers.

Here’s where investors come in. Developing and turning potential apps into money makers isn’t easy; it takes time, energy and a great deal of skill. So, we accept funds from investors, worldwide, who want to partner with us. We only accept investments when we have a use for them, and never take investments unless we are confident in an app’s potential to succeed. After all, we’re just as interested in an app becoming successful, and making money, as you are.

Why Choose AppInvest?

AppInvest is a unique company, offering a unique experience; we’re able to give individuals the opportunity to invest in something special. Rather than investing in a new product or new trend without any guarantees, you’re able to invest into an app that show’s promise and the potential to make it big. Plus, with low fixed costs and a range of foreign markets on board, what’s not to like?

Our tax structure

AppInvest is devoted to long-term, stable, growth and providing a high ROI to all of our investors. Therefore, we work to minimise our expenses and maximise profitability. In order to achieve that legally, ethically and transparently, we have adopted a very specific tax structure:

  • AppInvest is incorporated in the USA, specifically in the state of Delaware because Delaware levies a 0% tax on profits, and you won’t find a better deal than that anywhere.

  • However, our corporate headquarters are in London, which has very generous international business policies, and a very corporate-friendly regulatory structure.


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